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Top 5 tips to easily win on Ancient

Recently, just over a month ago, Valve developers rolled out updates to the maps in CS:GO. The map Train was REPLACED with another one – Ancient. Of course, most players were expecting Mirage to be changed, but that didn’t happen. For now, we’ll continue to play on it a bit.

If you play Ancient for a while and take a closer look at the map, experienced gamers will notice that it bears some resemblance to the old Aztec, which was in the classic CS 1.6.

Well, now that there’s a new map in the game, our duty is to tell you about it and give you five tips on how to not just play but also win on it.

Defense Wins

I think many have realized that Ancient is quite a balanced map. This is easy to understand by looking at the statistics of professional team games on this map. You will see that the defensive side has a win rate of less than 55% according to statistics. That’s quite low, especially considering that this statistic was taken from games of professional teams. Pistol round statistics show a slightly brighter situation – around 60%. But it’s still a fairly low figure. If you’re on the defense, we recommend playing more cautiously. If you’re on the attack, try some unconventional movements and actions, try to confuse your opponents, as in this case, they will have a significantly better position than you.


If we talk about the defensive side, players usually set up in a 1-2-2 formation. One player holds A, two go towards B, and the last two defend mid. This setup is best because attackers rarely push A, despite it being relatively easy to capture. Point A has several drawbacks that discourage players from taking action on it. Here are the main ones:

  • Open terrain, making it very difficult to plant the bomb.
  • This factor also makes it easy to throw grenades.

Mid Control

If you’re playing on the defensive side, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to repel attacks. Smoke grenades, molotovs, and even flashbangs will help you here. Sometimes you can even use flash grenades. All of this is because the attacking side almost always confidently takes control of mid. If we talk about the attacking side, it will be in your favor if you can withstand and avoid as many grenades as possible, as this will significantly increase your chances of taking mid and the round in general.

Due to these factors, Ancient can be easily compared to maps like Mirage or Inferno. On all of these maps, the key and main goal is mid control.

Playing as Terrorists

One of the best tips would probably be to play according to the enemy’s actions. Because given the low win rate, if you start imposing your tactics and try to play more aggressively, it will significantly increase your chances of losing. Catch the counter-terrorists on their mistakes, try to make the most of your actions. Only in this case will you have a chance to win while playing on Ancient. Sometimes, opponents may not be very proactive. In such cases, you can try to attack through B or mid. These are the safest options. But again, try to act unpredictably and confuse them. This will always help.


It can’t be said that this map is very wallbangable, but there are wallbangs available, and not in small quantities. In most places on Ancient, the walls are indeed thin, and you need to be very careful and vigilant. Although developers have removed a few such elements, it doesn’t change the essence. The best advice in this section is to try to study the map as thoroughly as possible. Only then will you know many places that can be wallbanged. Watching videos on this topic can greatly help you in this regard.

So, that’s all we wanted to tell you. Remember one thing: if you understand in advance that you’re not in a very positive situation, always try to play cautiously, rely on your teammates, try to make your actions as efficient as possible, and catch the opponent on their mistakes. This will always help you. Learn, study, and develop. Good luck on the battlefield.

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