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Roblox: Release date, creator, and why it’s so popular.

Roblox – is one of the most well-known and popular gaming platforms that has won the hearts of many fans worldwide. Every month, more than 250 million users can be found on this platform. That’s an incredibly large number!

But how well do you know interesting facts about this platform? For example, how old is Roblox or who created this platform? It’s an exciting story that we’ll tell you right now.

Who Created Roblox

Although Roblox has become incredibly popular only in recent years, this platform was created 17 years ago (at the time of writing this article). In 1989, a person named David Baszucki, who was a young engineer, created a virtual world by developing a simulator of physical experiments in a gaming format for US schools. This approach proved to be very popular, and Knowledge Revolution became a successful company.

However, in 1998, David Baszucki’s creation was acquired by MSC Software, a company that produces tools for 3D modeling, for twenty million dollars. For several years, Baszucki worked at MSC, but then decided to pursue his own projects. In 2004, he and his partner, Erik Cassel, began working on Roblox. Their goal was to create a platform where users could not only play but also create their own games, share them with other players, and even earn money from it.

Interestingly, the name of the platform comes from the merger of two other words: “robots” and “blocks.” It’s a simple and memorable name.

If you enjoyed Roblox, we can recommend several similar games, such as Minecraft, Terraria, Garry’s Mod, and Lego Worlds. All of them allow players to create their own worlds and interact with other players.

Talking About Roblox’s Popularity: How and Why the Platform Became So Popular

In 2020, Roblox reached new heights of popularity. And it’s not surprising! Lockdowns and the pandemic caused by the virus forced schoolchildren to stay at home and seek new entertainment. And here comes Roblox – a gaming platform where you can create your own worlds, chat with friends, and much more. And all of this in one place! It became a real lifesaver for those who were bored at home.

But the platform offers more than just fun. Roblox is used for education, including learning programming and physics. In addition, various online events can be held on it. Even the famous brand “Gucci” noticed the potential of Roblox and started collaborating with the platform. Recently, Netflix released a game on Roblox based on its popular series “Stranger Things,” where gamers can visit locations from the series.

Thus, Roblox has turned into a real metaverse where different companies can promote their products, and users can immerse themselves in different worlds and interact with their friends.

But what makes Roblox so popular among gamers? First, it is very accessible and easy to use. Second, the platform has a huge number of tools for creating games. Third, Roblox provides an opportunity to earn. Moreover, you can create your own games on the platform and interact with people from all over the world.

If you haven’t tried Roblox yet, now is the perfect time to join this exciting gaming world! While you enjoy the game, we suggest checking out similar games such as Minecraft, Terraria, Robocraft, and Trove.

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