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The Hunter: Call of the Wild complete skill guide 2024

Introduction to the skill system

Mastery points are earned in direct relation to the level. Starting at level 1 and ending at level 37, players will receive mastery points and weapon expertise points in turn for each level up to level 37, 18 points on each side.

The current level cap is 60, which means that upon reaching full level, players will each receive 22 skill points and 22 weapon experience points.

Luckily, you can choose one category to earn points, so it’s not a bad deal.

Use the tabs on the right to quickly jump to the chapter that interests you.

If you need a map, here are some more personal tips

  • Rocky Mountains – Silver Ridge
  • Mountains of North America – All about Lake Layton
  • Alaska – Yukon Valley
  • Central European Forest – Hirschfelden
  • South American Hills – Fernando Park
  • North of Russia – Medvedsky coniferous forests
  • East Africa Grassland – All About Vikong Grassland
  • Spanish farms – Quattro Colinas.

Not sure which DLC to buy? Don’t know which pistol to buy? Are some achievements messed up?

A Comprehensive Guide to DLC, Weapons and Achievements .


The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

All skills are rated on a scale of 1-5 out of 5, based on my personal opinion.

5 out of 5 > Versatile in all situations, very useful, almost always full
4 points > Very useful in most situations, almost always invests 1 point
3 points > Optional, or useful for replenishing points
2 points > Not useful in most situations, did not would touch him if there was nothing to show.
1 point > Don’t know when I’ll need it.

Active technique

Active moves are green and in addition to investing points, you also need to right-click to activate them and then press ‘F’ to use them when needed.

If you are a patient person and are comfortable opening the skill tree and weapon specialization pages before hunting animals, switching between active skills and using them to their maximum advantage, then you can probably order more than one active skill.

Hunter skill tree

1. locating paths

Utility 5

Level 1 will decrease the retreat angle shown when scouting trails, making them easier to spot.
Level 2 displays tracks over long distances.
Level 3 will decrease the angle again and increase the distance.

Usually full, unless you’re aiming for a one-hit kill and never stalking Prey.

2. knowledge tracking

Utility 4

Level 1 allows you to determine the nature of the animal by identifying tracks and sounds.
Level 2 allows you to know the number of animals that come to the area of ​​demand and see how much blood is left in the prey by looking at the blood trail.
Level 3 allows you to find out the approximate weight of animals when examining tracks and the type of fur when examining plant tracks.

Some of this information overlaps with 15.Scouting Knowledge, but since there are few good skills in the first few levels of a hunter, it is usually full.

3. Rain fog preference

Utility 2

Level 1 reduces visibility when fogging up.
Reduces visibility during rain at level 2.

This should be a good skill, but in the game it doesn’t rain or fog for more than two hours, so its duration is too short, so it’s not very useful.

4. Hardening of the outer skin

Utility 1

Increases blood by 15%. Is it true? Does the player need blood?

5. Tracking link

Utility 5

The points that you scout will be automatically tied on the map.

This is a great skill, but I will give you a situation where you were looking for a specific animal, but found that you found it in a watering or demand area, so the tracks on the ground are in a mess and you cannot tell where the prey came from or where it went, and the poop is new and old, so you don’t have a clue.

With this skill, you can quickly determine which paths to follow.

6. Soft footwork

Utility 5

Level 1 reduces the sound of walking on fallen leaves or short grass.
Level 2 reduces the sound when walking through large bushes or tall grass.

There are two ways to hunt.
One of them is to run up to the prey, drive it into the open and then shoot.
Another option is to quietly approach and wait until the distance is optimal to land a killing blow.

7. weather forecast

Utility 1

Level 1 can tell when the weather will change.
Level 2 can predict over a longer period of time.

The main reason is that even if the weather changes, it doesn’t last long, so you don’t see the benefit of forecasting weather conditions in advance.

8. Intuition of positioning

Utility 3

Reduces the range of the source of a scream, allowing it to be pinpointed, with the effect increasing with level.

If you meet a little bastard that runs and barks, he’ll be far away when you look towards the source, but he does wonders at playing flute-based ambush, mostly with 19. Deadly Attraction.

9. Impromptu cover

Utility 5

Further reduces your visibility in large bushes or tall grass.

Excellent ambush technique, often you don’t even need to lie on your back to achieve maximum stealth, making it easier to crouch and ambush with a bow, especially if you have no weapon experience to draw a bow on your back and the task requires hunting coyotes and foxes with a bow .

10. Endurance

Utility 5

When you stop after a run, your heart rate stabilizes faster, and when you run, your heart rate rises more slowly.

Whether you’re chasing prey or not, it’s helpful to be able to quickly recover your heart rate so that your target quickly stabilizes after a run.

11. Vegetable traces

Utility 3

A new type of tracker has been added that allows you to see the tracks of your prey as it passes over the plants.

To be more effective, it should be used in conjunction with 2. Knowledge Tracking.

12. Wind forecast

Utility 2

Level 1 allows you to observe the ground to be aware of a change in wind direction, and the wind will slightly reduce the sound of movement.
Level 2 can tell when the wind will change direction.

If you are a hunter with a long range of 300m or more, then you can probably use Wind Prediction + Zero to get accurate information on how to shoot, but the wind effect is almost zero within 150m, and sneak up on prey within 150m is not difficult, so I would say that this skill is not useful.

13. Cry of Fright

Utility 1

It stops the prey, but the time it takes to regain consciousness depends on the level: advanced prey stops for 1 second or less.

The only other use is if you are hunting a large group of rabbits or geese and fire two shots and then immediately shoot right through to get rid of a few more before they run away.

Ambush Skill Tree

14. Aroma Master

Utility 2

Level 1 doubles the amount of scented baits from $1500 at 10 to $1500 at 20 and reduces the cost per lure from $150 each to $75 each.
Level 2 increases the duration of the bait.
Level 3 increases the distance.
Level 4 increases the chance of seduction.

The onomatopoeic flute costs $6,000 for unlimited use, 40% base rate, 200m distance, and 90s time.
The bait costs $75 to use with a base bait ratio of 50%, a distance of 200m, and a time of 300s.

The point is that bait can be used to lure all kinds, but bait can be used to lure all kinds, plus the bait will lose money if it fails.

More importantly, in the game 19. Fatal Attraction, the player can find out if there is an echo to confirm that the prey has been taken by the bait in order to move to a better position or prepare for the attack in advance, which cannot be said about baits.

15. scout knowledge

Utility 5

At 1st level, you can see the blood level of a prey when you find it.
Level 2 allows you to see the score level of the victim.
At the third level, you can see the victim’s mental state, so you can tell if he’s not moving or ready to run.

A must-have skill for the ambush genre, goes well with the flute.

16. dizziness

Utility 2

It is possible to bait an object other than the target of the bait.

To be honest, it’s pretty stupid, you use a flute or lure to lock onto a fixed target, in case you lure another target and the target approaches you at the same time, the other species gets too close and issues a warning, scaring your target away.

If your target is a rabbit, Canada goose, or something else that doesn’t take bait, just approach slowly and you’ll usually be able to get up to 100m away, allowing you to hunt with a bow or 22 gauge.

17. The more the merrier

Utility 3

5% increase in wages on business trips

It’s hard to tell if this isn’t useful, but money is less likely to be in short supply after the dawn of time, and skill points are very valuable, so they’re usually taken for the 5 skill points needed for a 2nd level skill tree.

18. Vision scouting

Utility 4

Can mark prey while aiming without the need for a telescope, but does not show distance.

The effect is simple but very useful, especially if you don’t have the ability to quickly switch and aim with your shotgun.

Usually the time it takes to switch to your primary weapon after you’ve tried to determine distance + mark with the telescope will cause the mark to disappear, which is a handy skill.

19. Fatal Attraction

Utility 5

Level 1 increases the lure chance.
Level 2 increases the chance to make a nearby animal howl.

A great addition to the ambush genre, it allows you to quickly solve various crappy tasks, especially if you need to use a bow, and goes well with many skills.

20. Impact resistance

Utility 1

Reduces fall damage.

It has its own effects but is difficult to use.

21. Improve markers

Usefulness 5/1

Level 1 increases marking time.
Level 2 allows you to mark 3 prey at once.

The second-level effect is really masterful, since there is usually only one top-level leader in a group of animals, so it’s hard to tag three animals at once.

22. Lost Fawn

Utility 2

Level 1 increases the chance to lure prey other than the target species.
Level 2 increases the chance of summoning a nearby non-target animal to howl.

As with the previous bait, the use of a fluor is usually aimed at attracting a specific target, and this effect doesn’t really mix well.

23. Weighted Camel Mule

Utility 5

15% weight gain 20 >> 23

If you are buying DLC ​​hunting gear (tent, mobile high platform, mobile ground cover), you should definitely do so. 3 extra pounds of weight may not seem like much, but it will allow you to carry a tent + 3 full guns + a telescope + 2 fusings without the need for a backpack.

Because a backpack increases visibility and noise, it’s great to be able to take more things without being seen, especially since a tent is the equivalent of a mobile supply depot, with 25% off the cost of sleep, store, storage box, caravan, dog, shoe adjustment, all inclusive, and an extra fast shipping item to deliver to your favorite location.

If there is no such DLC, then there is no utility discount, because you won’t be able to easily resupply while traveling, so it’s good to have all the equipment with you at once.

24. Sharp eyes

Utility 3

Level 1 increases the chance to find a watering hole or an animal’s need when using the skill.
Level 2 increases the chance to find a specific group of animals when using the skill.

This is probably the only active skill that I personally use besides Nullify.

To use it, you must be within 10 m of the observation deck, and the cooling time is half an hour (real time).

Set up a tent next to an observation deck, and when you need to complete a task, hand it over to the lookout nearby and use the skill. When there are undiscovered watering places or places of need left in the area, 1-5 locations will be unlocked randomly, and with a low chance, the location of 1-2 groups of animals will be opened.

If you’ve just landed on a new map and are still climbing towers to open it, this is a useful skill that will save you from wandering around without a clue.

25. Call of the Hills

Utility 1

Increases the distance that can be lured from the watchtower with a false flute.

To activate this skill, you need to be within 10m of the watchtower, just like 24.

26. Trade

Utility 1

Reduces store costs by 5%.

I have to say it’s not a bad skill, but it’s at level 4, so to get this skill you have to spend 13 skill points and then only save 5%, which sucks.

Skill sets

The skill sets are actually pretty loose, so I’ll only offer a few, with instructions on how to play.

For reference, please change them according to your personal preferences.


The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

Only use 18 skill points as the experience requirement after level 37 is a little high and 22 points is not suitable. Thanks to 10, you can also use the strategy of chasing prey in open areas.

The “Ambushers” route is only available with the basic gathering skill.


The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

Key skills are 15, 18, 19, 21, 23, and 24. This combo allows you to get information at dawn and decide when and where to ambush, then find a high point or rock to hide on, start looking around, or use a simulated target flute , then use the echo to confirm whether the prey was hooked or not. You can also carry more equipment.

Whether you need to kill with pistols, shotguns, bows, or other tasks at close range, ambushes are great for achieving your goals.

Another good tip: most flute sims have a range of 200m, so you can mark the location of a target, crouch when you get close to 200m, then move back to about 150m, find a good vantage point, and then crouch down and blow into the flute to attract the target animal to you while it is feeding or resting.

For the hunter skill tree, if you’re not sure you can get a one hit kill, you can just press 1 and choose 2+1 to press 1 and 2, so you can follow in the hunter’s footsteps and catch up.

Perfect personal match

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

The endgame, 11+11, is the perfect solution for me personally, with 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 18, 19, 21 and 23 points predominantly useful. He has all the skills to get information and silently approach the target, while keeping the method of hunting using a false flute to lure prey, and finally adding skills such as gaining weight and giving up all active skills. Perfect for the opportunist who loves to run and shoot at every opportunity.

weapons expert

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

All weapon specializations are rated on a scale of 1-5 out of 5, based on my personal opinion.

5 out of 5 > Versatile in all situations, very useful, almost always full
4 points > Very useful in most situations, almost always invests 1 point
3 points > optional, or useful to replenish points
2 points > not useful in most situations, I would I wouldn’t touch it unless I had something to point out.
1 point > Don’t know when I’ll need it.

The explanation of the active technique was mentioned earlier, so I won’t repeat myself.


1. Muscle memory. Universal for all types of weapons

Utility 4

Level 1 unlocks the ability to jar the bolt up and down with a single shot without leaving aiming mode.
Level 2 increases download speed.

A simple and useful ability that you need at least level 1 to quickly reload or shoot other prey that has not yet had time to react.

2. breath control. Common to all weapons

Utility 5

Level 1 reduces the oxygen deprivation penalty, which means you can hold your breath faster to stabilize your aim.
Level 2 increases the amount of time you can hold your breath.
Level 3 reduces aiming jitter when you hold your breath.

All 3 levels are very useful and must be completed.

3. stabilizing hand control. Universal for all types of weapons

Utility 5

Reduces jitter when aiming, the effect increases with level.

There is no reason not to fill it out.

4. Zero correction. All weapons

Utility 5

Level 1 unlocks the ability to null at short range.
Level 2 unlocks the ability to null at long range.

For example, long-range rifles typically have ranges of 75m, 150m, and 300m. This means that when you are exactly 75m, 150m, or 300m from your prey, press “F” to switch to the appropriate range, and you can go wherever you want. Using a telescope, you can easily move to the desired distance for shooting.

For example, for most bows it is 10, 30, 50 or 20, 40, 60; for pistols usually 25, 50, 75; for shotguns or .470 – 50, 100, 150; other distances above or between them are manually adjusted by adjusting the muzzle up or down, requiring great skill and experience. It takes a lot of skill and experience, but it gives you a standard to rely on.

5. specialized rifle with a limited number of shots

Practicality 3

When using a rifle with a telescopic sight, a red dot sight, and a holographic sight, the target is further enlarged when you hold your breath to aim.

Many people don’t know that the 1-4, 5-8, and 8-16 scopes you use are commonly referred to as high magnification scopes and don’t have this effect.

However, each map has a quest instructing you to take a rifle you rarely use and go hunting for a target so you can still use it.

Sights can be used to aim the rifle.

Normally you don’t take the scope off, but if you’re wearing a powerful scope and the target appears at close range, or you’re being attacked by an aggressive animal, it’s much easier to take the scope off and use the scope.

Yes, once you know that, you’ll realize that pistols don’t even have the benefit of a good field of view for close range pursuits……..

6. wind measurement. Universal for all types of weapons

Utility 1

An active technique that gives you information about the direction and speed of the wind when aiming.

As I said, in most cases, you can get up to 150 m from your victim and calmly use the “zero” function to defeat them.

If you have never even heard of densities, you may want to give up this skill.


7. Run for ammo. All weapons are shared

Utility 3

Unlocks the ability to swap ammo on the run for all weapons.

It’s a good skill for hunters, and it’s the first skill for a pistol, so it’s a moderate rating.

8. Swiftfoot Pistol Limited

Utility 2

When using a pistol, the aiming speed becomes faster after changing position, and the effect increases depending on the level.

I can’t think of a situation where you would have to change position before shooting, like getting up from the ground or something like that, which sounds stupid.

9. Survival intuition. Universal for all types of weapons

Utility 3

When you shoot and hit aggressive prey, you take less damage from that prey for a short period of time.

I don’t think I’ve seen many aggressive prey other than bison, but for the sake of subsequent skill I’d go with 9.

10. Wildlife Ranger. All weapons are shared

Utility 2

An active skill that tells you the approximate distance between you and prey when you aim.

It has the same problem as wind measurement, you need to know the density value and other projection knowledge for this information to be useful, most of you will click on this skill for subsequent skills.

11. Light hands, all weapons

Utility 5

Improves ammo change speed in all weapons, the effect increases with level.

You have probably seen the animation of changing cartridges in a .243 rifle. When the magazine is finally loaded, the hunter’s hands look like idiots for a second before inserting the magazine. With this skill, or even at full level, you can experience the pleasure of quickly changing ammo, especially if you’re playing with a weapon like a bow or a large pistol that only has one shot at a time and needs to be changed frequently.

12. Quick drawing

Utility 1

Increases the accuracy of all weapons when fired from the belt (without aiming), with the effect increasing with level.

Did you know that I once shot a stuck goose from 10 meters and missed? At that time I was at the first level.

You should know that hitting prey doesn’t necessarily kill you, and sometimes hitting vitals doesn’t necessarily kill you, so you have to aim hard to be effective?

The only thing I would consider for this skill is a pure scattergun, and not with one bullet, but with another weapon.

No. 1 Product for Cerebral Palsy production team, thank you all.


If you want to discuss with me whether shotgun or gun is the right word, I strongly recommend that you first understand the three main characteristics of the language: “conventionality”, “keep up with the times” and “be a man of action”.

For example, the word “OK” that is now widely used was originally created by American newspaper reporters who followed the fashion of the time by spoofing the acronym “AC”.

“The same goes for the “shotgun” and “gun”. The current situation is that both are used and understood to mean the same thing, and linguistically it is “correct” to use either side.

There are many similar examples, and “Gay” and “snogging” used to have different meanings.

13. Both eyes, gun limited

Practicality 3

When using a gun with iron sights, red dot mirrors, and holographic rendering mirrors, the edge blur effect when aiming is reduced, and the effect increases with level.

Simply put, it allows you to clearly see the whole picture of the sight, and not just the center point, which is quite useful.

14. Quick-release shoulder Universal for any weapon

Utility 5

Speeds up aiming, zooming out, and switching weapons.

For those who don’t have the Marker Time Extension skill, it allows you to quickly re-lock the target before the marker disappears.

15. Body control Universal for all types of weapons

Utility 3

Faster aiming after switching weapons, effect increases with level.

It’s actually quite difficult to explain how this skill works, but it’s not that effective, so why not click on the button above?

16. Tracking Shot Shotgun Limited

Utility 1

Shrapnel leaves a trail of smoke when fired.

I don’t really know how viewing the trajectory can improve anything, but specialization points are very valuable.

17. Recoil management All weapons are shared

Utility 3

Allows you to quickly fire the next shot after a shot, the effect increases with level.

Most of the higher tier weapons fire single shots so there is no need to use this skill at all, most of the more useful ones are pistols, .243, .270 and shotguns so see for yourself.

18. limited double-barreled shotgun

Utility 3

You can fire two barrels at the same time, a feature unique to a double-barrel shotgun.

This is a very average skill first, shotgun is originally a spamming skill at close range, two shots at a time can ensure you have enough firepower but weapons are limited plus you have to point to the end which costs at least 4 experience points .

If you’re a shotgun lover, you might want to consider it, but it’s not recommended for anyone who plays everything.


Some specializations are limited solely to bows, so hunters playing with crossbows will have slightly less support.

19. Bow with full power. Only the nose

Utility 5

Increases the duration of the bow before fatigue, the effect increases with level.

This skill delays the onset of fatigue and allows you to draw longer, only for players with a bow.

Only players with a bow can use this skill.

20. Moving shot. All weapons are normal

Utility 2

Reduces jitter when aiming while moving.

The only scenario I can think of is when you aim and move as close to the target as you can, intending to wait until you are almost spotted before shooting, but this is a very awkward skill to use with a bow that has a limited target hold time.

Personally, I think it’s the brains of the product #2 production team.

21. Confidence Boost Bow Limited

Utility 1

Increases bow waist accuracy, the effect increases with level.

I can still convince myself that the above skill is for loose bullets, but I can’t get rid of it.

22. Recycle Bow Limited

Utility 2

Level 1 allows you to recycle arrows that are not damaged after being shot.
Level 2 reduces the damage dealt by fired arrows.

It’s an awkward skill that really just saves you money, because in the game the weapon’s weight doesn’t increase with any amount of ammo, so there’s no point in clicking it unless you’re doing it for the sake of 24.

23. Expert Technic Bow Limited

Utility 5

Allows you to draw the bow while lying on your back.

If you haven’t purchased the Crossbow DLC yet, it allows you to lie down and ambush small animals like foxes and coyotes, otherwise you’ll be much more likely to be found crouching.

24. Strong Arm Bow Limited

Utility 5

Increases kinetic energy when drawing a bow, increasing damage, penetration, and arrow speed as you level up.

A bow hunter’s dream, the main bow must be full.

Weapon expertise

Specialization points depend on the weapon you are playing with, so if you don’t have a particular preference, you can choose a generic weapon.

This is for reference only, please change it according to your personal preferences.

18 points – General

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

The rest is a rifle kit, the main focus is on the rifle, but there is an opportunity to solve all sorts of tasks.

18 points – Bow Specialization

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

The rest is quick aiming, running to change ammo and zeroing the rifle.

22 points – General

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

It is not much different from 18 points, except that it adds a quick change point at level 2.

22 – Personal vision

The Hunter: Call Of The Wild Complete Skill Guide 2024

Abandon the bow system for end-game players who no longer need to solve problems and replenish 11 and 17 points.


There are many different combinations of skills and weapon specializations, and it all depends on your personal needs, but most of them should be general if you are not going to take on any task.

If you have any bugs, comments, or questions, please feel free to comment.

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