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League of Legends - photo №114454
League of Legends - photo №114454

League of Legends

Game Genre: Role, Strategies, Экшены
Platforms: macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 27 Oct 2009
Developer: Riot Games
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 13+
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Guides by League of Legends

  1. When did LoL come out?
  2. League of Legends: everything you need to know about the world’s most popular video game
  3. lol what game is that?

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League of Legends: everything you need to know about the world’s most popular video game

If you’re looking for an exciting team game with strategy and action elements, then League of Legends is exactly what you need! Developed by Riot Games, this game brings together millions of players around the world, giving them a unique gaming experience.

You have to work with a team to break down an enemy Nexus defended by an opponent before they do it to yours. Players control champions and complete various tasks, such as destroying turrets, minions and champions, to earn gold, which can be spent to improve their champion. Each match can last anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes, but time flies when you’re playing with friends.

The game is challenging and requires a lot of strategic preparation, but that only makes it more fun. You can assign your players to different areas of the Summoner’s Rift map to make the optimal team. The game also features a variety of equipment and items that you can use to enhance your champion.

Don’t forget the macro elements and strategy to win the game. Become an experienced player and enjoy a spectacular battle to win in League of Legends!

Expert’s Answer

When did League of Legends come out?

League of Legends game was released on October 27, 2009.

Where to download League of Legends (LOL)?

LOL can be downloaded from the official website:

How many people play League of Legends now?

The number of players in League of Legends is constantly changing, but at the moment it is estimated in the millions from around the world.

Is League of Legends still popular in 2023?

Yes, League of Legends is still popular in 2023. Over a million people play it.

What are the penalties in LoL?

Penalties in LoL can include bans for a certain period of time, restriction of access to the game, lowering the rating, etc.

First offense: restriction of chat for 3 days.
Second violation: Restriction on chat for 7 days.
Third violation: Two week suspension.
Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension.

Why was I banned from LoL?

You may have been banned from LoL for breaking game rules, such as cheats, cheating or abusive behavior in chat. Regardless of the circumstances, actions such as in-game taunting, harassment, offensive remarks, deliberate aggravation, etc. will be reported and, if warranted, punished using the instant feedback system.

When do the bans come in LoL?

Bans in LoL can come at any time when a player violates the rules of the game. Most often, 15 minutes after the end of the game (match) where the violation was made.

Does Riot ID change the name of the league?

The Riot ID does not affect the league name in LoL. Your Summoner Name and Riot ID will be linked until you change the Riot ID on your account page. Once you change it, they will become two different in-game names.

What is the AFK penalty?

The AFK penalty is imposed on players who are absent from the game for an extended period of time or leave in the middle of the game. There will be a delay of up to 15 minutes to enter and turn in the game, the delay is imposed for the next 5 games.

Why is the League of Legends so addictive?

League of Legends is addictive because of its unique combination of elements. It gives players the opportunity to act as a hero, improve their skills and fight in teams with other players. In addition, LoL provides a huge amount of content, such as new heroes, maps, and upgrades that constantly attract players.

What happens if you leave the League of Legends game?

If you leave a League of Legends game, nothing bad will happen. You will simply quit the game lobby or end the current game if you are in the middle of a match. However, if you consistently leave the game in the middle of a match, you may be penalized by the matchmaking rating system.

The LeaverBuster system warns players who are inactive for 3 minutes and automatically removes players who are inactive for 5 minutes. If the game does not end (for example, because of server problems or because all players have left the match), no penalties are issued.

Why do they turn off chat in LoL?

Disable chat in LoL to prevent toxic player behavior and reduce the level of aggression in the game. Chat can become a place for insults and provocations, which can greatly ruin the game experience for other players.

Riot Games is abandoning its decision to get rid of /all chat in League of Legends — instead there will be a trial removal in each region. The company recently announced that it would remove /all chat from League of Legends due to an increase in verbal abuse.

How many heroes are there in the League of Legends in 2023?

There are currently over 150 heroes in League of Legends, but the number of heroes may change by 2023. The developers are constantly adding new heroes and updating old ones to provide a varied gaming experience. Find out the exact number of champions at the off site.

Which is better – LOL or DOTA?

It is best to choose a game based on personal preference. LOL and DOTA are two different games, each with its own features and style of play. However, when looking at popularity, League of Legends is currently more popular than DOTA.

Is LOL a copy of DOTA?

LOL is not a copy of DOTA. Both games were created independently of each other, but have similarities in their gameplay style and mechanics. Some players may think that LOL is inspired by DOTA, but that does not mean it is a copy.

Which is more toxic – Dota or LoL?

Toxicity in games depends on the specific community of players, so it is impossible to say definitively that Dota or LoL is the more toxic game. In both games, it is possible to encounter toxic players who may be abusive and provoke other players. However, the developers of both games take steps to combat such behavior, such as turning off chat or introducing a punishment system. Ultimately, the gaming community can have a big impact on toxicity in the game.

In what way is LoL better than Dota?

League of Legends is better than Dota in terms of game mechanics and character balance. In LoL, it’s easier and simpler to understand each character, their skills, and how to use them in the game. Also, it’s easier and faster to start the game in LoL and gain experience to advance to the next level.

What engine is LoL made on?

League of Legends was developed on Riot Games’ own engine, called «Riot Engine» (Unreal Engine). It is designed specifically for first-person and action games, with an emphasis on graphics and gameplay optimization.

Why is LoL dying?

LoL is not dying, on the contrary, it continues to grow and develop. The game has a huge number of fans around the world and is constantly updated with new characters, events and updates. Some players may lose interest due to game fatigue or changing interests, but that does not mean the game is dying.

Can you give an RP in the League of Legends?

RPs, skins, and champions cannot be gifted. Everything else can be gifted to a friend on the list.

How much RP can you buy for a friend?

You can buy any amount of RP for your friends, but there is a limit to the daily purchase of RP, which depends on the region, most often 5.

Who should a rookie kick to the top in the “League of Legends”?

For a newcomer to the top, it is better to choose characters that do not require high mechanical complexity and the ability to curate the map. For example, Garen, Malfit, Darius, and Shen.

More as options:


How to play League of Legends correctly?

To play League of Legends correctly, you need to learn the mechanics of the game and each character, as well as the ability to work in a team and make quick decisions based on the situation on the map.

Which is easier LoL or Dota?

According to most players, LoL is easier than Dota because it has simpler mechanics and a clearer system of heroes and items.

How many servers are there in Lol?

The League of Legends has many servers (10 regions at the time of this article) around the world that serve different regions and languages. For example, servers in North America, Europe West, Korea, etc.

Who is the strongest in LoL?

There is no single strongest character in League of Legends, as each hero has his own strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on how well the player knows how to use the character and combine it with other heroes on the team.

Of the strongest characters:

Lee Shin
Jarwan IV

What should a leader do in LoL?

The leader in LoL must control the central line of the map, farming and ganking. He must keep control of the enemy line and support his comrades in battle.

Duelists do not need to interact with the team, they have to empty the lines where there is no main team. This creates a dilemma for the enemy: send someone to confront the duelist or take advantage and fight with the main team.

Can I play League of Legends without Internet?

No, it is impossible to play League of Legends without Internet, as it is an online game that requires connection to a server.

What is a top in League of Legends?

The top player in the League of Legends is the player who occupies the top line of the map and is responsible for controlling his line and for participating in team battles.

How long is the season in LoL?

The LoL season lasts about a year and includes several game patches and tournaments that take place throughout the year. More often than not, three months.

What is the most difficult character in Lol?

There are several difficult characters in Lola, but one of the most difficult is Azir. In order to play him well, you need to have a good understanding of his abilities and practice a lot of time.

More difficult characters:


What do you need for the League of Legends?

To play League of Legends, you need to download the game client to your computer, have an Internet connection and create an account in the game. It is also useful to learn the basic mechanics of the game and learn how to play multiple characters to have a better chance of winning.

System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 8650 2.3 GHz CPU
Nvidia GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD 56xx graphics card with 512-1024 MB of memory
12 GB free space on a storage device
32/64 bit operating system Microsoft Windows XP, 7/8/10 with DirectX 10.

Can I play LoL with bots?

Yes, in League of Legends you can play with bots either alone or in teams. It’s a good way to start learning the game, practicing and mastering new champions.

What is ADC in LOL?

ADC in LoL means «hellcary» and is the role in the team that is responsible for dealing damage from afar, usually with arrows and bullets.

What do they give for level 5 honor of LoL?

Upon reaching level 5 in LoL, you receive a new badge of honor, as well as a small number of key and champion fragments.

Upon reaching 3rd, 4th and 5th honor levels, the player is awarded an Honor Capsule containing key fragments, totem images, emotes, champion fragments, and exclusive images.

How to quickly upgrade level 30 in the League of Legends?

To reach level 30 in League of Legends quickly, you need to play a lot of matches and complete daily tasks. It is also worth taking advantage of all available experience bonuses, such as increased rewards for the first victory of the day.

Upon reaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th honor levels, the player is awarded an Honor Capsule, which contains key fragments, totem images, emotes, champion shards, and exclusive images.

How do I earn honor in LoL?

To earn honor in LoL, you must show sporty behavior in the game, not insult other players, help your team, and avoid conflicts.

If your allies praise you regularly, you will receive a small bonus to your progress, as well as a badge for the loading screen.

How to get more experience in LoL?

To get more experience in LoL, you need to play matches, complete tasks, and use experience bonuses. You can also buy experience boosters, which temporarily increase the amount of experience you get.

How long is the average match in the League of Legends?

The average duration of a League of Legends match is about 20-40 minutes, but it can vary depending on the style of play and tactics of the teams.

Why are there so few LPs?

Penalties for inactivity or quitting a game reduce the number of LPs you receive, not only in the game in which the offense occurred, but also in subsequent games. Your chances of winning a particular game were higher or lower than average due to a rank mismatch between teams or an advantage for one of them.

What roles are there in the League of Legends?

There are five roles in League of Legends: top liner, jungler, middle liner, AD-kerry, and sapper. Each of these roles has its own characteristics and requires certain skills from the player.

What is choice mode in LoL?

Select Mode in LoL is a way to choose your champion before a match begins. There are several selection mode options, including selecting one champion for the whole team and selecting a champion for each player in turn.

What is OP in League of Legends?

In League of Legends the term OP usually means «overpowered» — an overpowered champion who can dominate the game. Often such champions have great power and the ability to deal huge damage.

What is a split in LoL?

Split in LoL is a seasonal period during which teams compete against each other in matches. Split lasts several months and ends with a tournament in which the best teams compete for prizes.

What should a League of Legends support person do?

The League of Legends Sappor must support his allies on the line and in combat, keep them safe and help them deal damage to their enemies. He can heal, buff, disable enemies and control combat zones with wards and smocks.

What are trials in League of Legends?

Challenges in League of Legends are in-game events that allow players to earn additional rewards. They can include completing quests, participating in competitions and events, and purchasing special items.

Why was I blocked forever in LoL?

Accounts can be permanently blocked in LoL for violating the rules of the game, such as cheating, cheating, flooding and insulting other players. If you get blocked, you should contact LoL support and find out the reasons.

Is it possible to remove a permanent lock in League of Legends?

In some cases, you can try to remove a permanent block in LoL by contacting support and proving that you have corrected your mistakes and are not violating the rules of the game. However, this is not always possible, and the decision is at the discretion of the game administration.

League of Legends - photo №114454
League of Legends - photo №114454

League of Legends

Game Genre: Role, Strategies, Экшены
Platforms: macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 27 Oct 2009
Developer: Riot Games
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 13+
Download game

Guides by League of Legends

  1. When did LoL come out?
  2. League of Legends: everything you need to know about the world’s most popular video game
  3. lol what game is that?

Content by League of Legends

Players, FAQ, Articles, Predictions, News, Streams