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Hohenheim: Skywards - photo №24026
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Hohenheim: Skywards - photo №24028
Hohenheim: Skywards - photo №35824

Hohenheim: Skywards

Game Genre: Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 03 Jan 2023
Developer: Gin Motion


Download game Hohenheim:.. Steam
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Welcome to Hoenheim: Skies

Fly high in the sky and hope not to fall down, as the Underbelly is ready to swallow you whole.

A third-person platformer with environmental puzzles and randomly generated maps.

Jump, take leaps of faith, and follow the light. Battle bosses and enemies (at some point) and soar into the sky. If you fall, you will end up in the Underbelly dungeon and must find your way out of the maze (at some point) before attempting to soar into the sky again and reach the city of Hoenheim.

This game is free and born out of passion, so don’t expect a perfectly polished game 🙂 it has always been and will always be free and my side project, and any form of monetization will not take place. I swear on my mother’s grave, once she has one…..

Anyway… we’re digressing… Enjoy the game.

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System Requirements


OC: windows 10/11
RAM: 6144 MB RAM
Videocard: gtx1060

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