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Quake 2 is a sequel to the famous game that incorporated all the best elements from the first installment. However, Quake 2 also differs significantly from Quake 1, as it introduced numerous innovations such as graphics accelerators (which were just starting to emerge on the market at that time). Of course, Quake 2 will forever remain in the hearts of fans, with its primitive (by today’s standards) graphics and gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, according to the storyline, you will be fighting against aliens who have decided to invade Earth. And your main task in Quake 2 is to destroy the Makron, the ruler of the planet Cerberon. It is he who created a spatial tunnel that opens the way to Earth and sent his soldiers through it. In general, Quake 2 offers a multitude of dynamic battles and thrilling combat experiences that many have been familiar with since the 90s.
First of all, it is worth noting the high quality of the first part of this game. At the same time, the second part has attracted a large number of users. It has significant differences compared to the first part. It is worth noting the presence of good graphics accelerators. Compared to modern games, it may not be as brilliant, but its story will forever remain in the hearts of fans. The game supports the style of science fiction.

The plot of the game is based on the invasion of Earth by aliens. Using a subspace tunnel, the aliens were able to open a path to Earth. Of course, the residents did not like such interference, and they created a special Squad to fight the enemies.

The game is characterized by well-developed gameplay, an interesting atmosphere, and a good visual component. The main character will have to explore mines, command centers, factories, and plants. As the game progresses, the enemies will become stronger. By destroying the enemy’s infrastructure, the character will eventually have to confront the main boss. To defeat him, it will be necessary to stock up on quite powerful weapons.

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