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Scandalous RKL / Season 2 (CS2). List of participating teams

Scandalous RKL recently announced the full list of Season 2 participants, but yesterday, bang happened. Petrik (as petr1k spread the word on Twitter who is behind the tournament.) wrote a big tweet where he called on all European teams not to play in this tournament. ENCE and Alliance have already come out in solidarity, refusing to participate.

UPD 12.59: BIG Academy become the third team to refuse to participate in the Russian eSports league. There are rumors that Astralis will also refuse to participate and thus the tournament may even be removed from HLTV due to lack of good teams.

Ukrainian player 🇪🇺 MOUZ – Burmylov also refused to participate in this tournament. Whether his team will play without him is unknown.

The league starts tomorrow. Great tournament, RKL!

The post has been updated 10.02.2024 14:05. There is new relevant information.
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  • The Russian Cybersports League was one step away from disrupting the tournament after petr1k spread the word on Twitter who was behind the tournament.

    Already three teams have come forward to say that they allegedly didn’t know who “RKL” was. Although it’s not hard to find information about their cooperation with the government (via the FCC).

    The finals of this tournament will officially be held in Moscow (!). How one could accept the invitation without knowing about it is unclear. But one thing is clear: the organizers are completely fucked.