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Free trivia games for any party

The development of technology and mobile applications in particular has contributed to a new growth in the popularity of trivial games. Today there are hundreds of quizzes, among which there are both classic variants and on narrow topics, dedicated to specific areas (TV series, culture, history). In addition, the developers made sure that users can choose the option of playing: alone, against one or more opponents, and you can even take part in group tournaments. This is fun and interesting. Which option to choose? Here are 7 most entertaining free trivia games for every day.

Most popular quiz games

Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a classic quiz game in a mobile app format. The game offers a variety of questions on general topics, testing your knowledge in different areas. With a simple and intuitive interface, “Trivia 360” allows you to play alone or compete with friends. Each round is filled with excitement, as correct answers earn you points and bring you closer to victory. This game is the perfect way to have fun while learning something new.


Kahoot! turns boring learning into an exciting adventure. This platform allows you to create and take interactive quizzes, perfect for both educational purposes and friendly challenges. Exciting dynamics and competitive elements make every round an unforgettable experience.

Random Trivia Generator  

It is a free quiz platform that offers a plethora of questions on a variety of topics. The game covers six major categories including arts, business and technology, decades, entertainment, food and drink, and general knowledge and more. With a constantly updated database of over 100,000 questions, users can endlessly test their knowledge and compete with friends.

Masters of Trivia

Masters of Trivia is an interactive quiz where participants can test their knowledge in various subject categories: business, auto, tv shows, sports and others. The functionality of the application provides several modes: single player, 1 on 1, Group Battle or creating personalized rooms that will not be available to other players. Every battle will be exciting: Quiz Vault is one of the largest libraries with quizzes in various fields.

For correct answers the user is awarded Points and Coins, thanks to which players move through the difficulty levels and get new badges. An additional bonus of the game is the ability to exchange earned coins for valuable prizes in their merch store.

The Masters of Trivia app also features other games such as True or False, Daily Quiz, Quiz by Languages and Guess the Word. Each has its own Leaderboard, and the top players of the day and month receive additional rewards.


QuizUp is a quiz with an incredibly comprehensive database of questions covering every possible topic. From history and science to TV shows and video games, there’s something for everyone. The game allows you to compete against friends or random players from around the world in real time. For each correct answer you earn points and rise in the rankings. QuizUp not only tests your knowledge, but also broadens your horizons, making each round exciting and educational.


The PSYCH! game combines quizzes, tricks, and fun in one exciting format. In this exciting trivia game, you and your group choose a category of questions. Each player uses their phone to create fake answers to real questions. When all answers are submitted, they are displayed on the mobile screens of all participants, with the true answer artfully hidden among the fakes. Players get points for choosing the correct answer and for managing to trick others into choosing the fake option. PSYCH! not only tests your knowledge but also your wit, making each game unpredictable and fun.

Hangout at the Zoo

All people (the trustworthy ones) love animals, but who knows the most about them? Find out by playing Hangout at the Zoo.
This online group game has different types of questions, including user-voted slides, ratings, and multiple choice. It also features many types of animals such as dolphins, snails, bears and elephants. Players can submit answers using their phones and keep track of who is in the lead by viewing the leaderboard after each round.

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