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The Halloween Event in Warzone and Cold War has begun

Will last until November 2. This is the last major content release in Cold War history, but there’s more to come for Warzone before integration.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event in one place:

Breakdown of the roadmap and a new loading screen

The Halloween Event In Warzone And Cold War Has Begun

The loading screen is great, guess which channel will have the new icon.

Road map:

  • Ghosts of Verdansk, a new mode for Warzone
  • Nuketown to be redesigned as a Halloween event
  • 3 multiplayer modes
  • New scary boxes in Cold War
  • Zombies get updates
  • Tons of new skins
  • 2 new weapons hammer and sickle and LAPA SMG.

Start today at 20.00 Moscow time. Well, now about everything in more detail!

Everything that will happen in Cold War during Halloween

– Nuketown will become Halloween

And 3 new game modes:

– Infected, 18 operators start the match. The team of zombies (also players) must turn them into zombies. It is necessary that by the end of the timer 1 operator survived for the people to win, or everyone must become zombies for the zombies to win. For killing zombies, people get buffs.

– Halloween hide and seek

– Scream Deathmatch, 2 operators enter the Ghostface skin, they must find and destroy everyone. The victims don’t have weapons, so it’s best to hide. At the end of the Ghostface, everyone will be killed or one survivor will kill them.

Halloween Bundles including a free pre-order Vanguard

Everything has already been leaked by dataminers, so you can evaluate everything in the video above.

Store release date:

October 19 – Creek, October 24 – Donnie Darko (bunny), October 26 – Koschey.

Free Vanguard Pre-Order Skin:

This is a skeleton, the spirit of war.

It will be released in the store – 22.10 (obviously at the same time they will give it for free for pre-order), you can pre-order and get it until November 2.

In the video they say – skin, in the blog – a set. I’m almost sure that we will get the whole set, that is, with tracers for Krig-6, Bullfrog and wiper, well, all sorts of cosmetics.

Ghosts of Verdansk – Warzone mode

Guestface will be the commentator. No gulag: no gulag, after the first death you become a ghost.

Ghosts have three abilities

  • Huge jump
  • teleport
  • A stun that slows down players and knocks out vehicles

Weapons: Ghosts don’t have weapons, but they hit hard in melee.

How to be reborn

  • Collect 3 souls, living players
  • Execute a live player
  • Redemption in the store

Safe zone:

There are sacred zones where live players are safe. But ghosts can ram zones, and if they do it enough times, they can hit them.


You start as a fearless player with 0% fear. At 50% fear, you see hallucinations, hear ominous music and evil breath. At 100% fear, you… find out for yourself.

What causes fear?

  • If you are a camper (coward)
  • You’ve been hurt by anything
  • Saw a corpse or a ghost
  • Teammate death

How to reduce fear?

  • Kill the enemy
  • Complete a contract
  • Raise a teammate
  • To be in the sacred zone

This is very cool!

New submachine gun LAPA

It can be unlocked by completing 9 quests in Warzone or 9 quests in Cold War. You can also buy a set with it in the store or open it through the challenge after the event.

And the tasks and their translation follow further …

All tasks of the Halloween event

For completing 9 in any of the games, you get a new LAPA software, as well as drawings for a janitor and M82

cold war

  • Play and complete X matches in MP or Hell. zombie
  • Kill X times in Nuketown or blast pumpkins into zombies
  • Be in the top 3 in Scream Deathmatch or evacuate to Hull. invasion
  • Get X kills in Infected mode or kill special/elite enemies in zombies
  • Kill X times with a melee weapon in MP or get a butcher medal in a zombie
  • Open X boxes in MP or Zombie
  • Kill X times using the ghost perk in mp or kill zombies while in the ethereal veil
  • Get 3 kills without dying at MP X times or a zombie massacre
  • Kill x times with fire in mp or multikill with fire in zombies

war zone

  • Play X matches as Ghost V.
  • Get in the top 10 in Ghosts V.
  • Kill X ghosts
  • Kill X people as a human
  • Kill X people as a ghost
  • Reborn from a ghost state
  • Reduce fear on the holy zone
  • Answer X phones
  • Experience X hallucinations

In zombie wild halloween

Halloween Invasion:

You have to survive 10 minutes. Every 2 minutes the world (you can choose 1 of 2 random ones) becomes more dangerous. You can upgrade weapons by killing the Horde. At 10 minutes, a helicopter will arrive at the farthest point from the players and a lot of zombies will spawn there. Minor changes on round maps.

All ghostface replicas

As I said, Ghostface will be the commentator for The Ghosts of Verdansk.

The first file contains all his lines, it is interesting that he has a line for each of the operators, from CW or MW2019.

The second file contains an example of a phone number to be answered.

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