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Exciting Update for Gamers: Resident Evil 4 Now on iOS and macOS

Gamers, gear up for some thrilling news! The iconic survival horror game, Resident Evil 4, adored by millions worldwide, has now made its way to Apple devices in Russia. This reimagined classic for modern platforms promises both fresh experiences and nostalgic moments for its fans. However, as always, there are details to consider before making your purchase.

Pricing and Availability

Resident Evil 4 is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users in Russia at a price of 2150 rubles. Additionally, avid enthusiasts can opt for a DLC pack priced at 1060 rubles. This is an important factor to consider, given that investment in the game can be significant.

Performance on Mobile Platforms

A crucial aspect to note is the game’s performance on mobile devices. User feedback suggests occasional challenges in maintaining smooth gameplay, sometimes dipping below 30 frames per second. This could impact the overall gaming experience, especially for those accustomed to higher performance standards.

Availability in Russia

An interesting point to note is the availability of Resident Evil 4. Since its release, the game has not been accessible on the Russian segment of Steam, similar to other Capcom games. This makes its launch on Apple platforms particularly significant for Russian fans.

Comparison with Other Platforms

  • Price: 2150 rubles on iOS and macOS compared to its absence on Steam
  • Additional Costs: 1060 rubles for DLC
  • Performance: Potential FPS issues on mobile devices


For Resident Evil 4 enthusiasts: the game is now accessible on new platforms, but it’s important to consider performance nuances and pricing policies before making a purchase. Its availability on iOS and macOS in Russia makes this a noteworthy event for the local gaming community.

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