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The best heroes for beginners Dota 2

Dota 2 is a game with a huge selection of heroes, each with their own unique characteristics and weaknesses. In addition, most of the characters are quite difficult to play and may seem incomprehensible to beginners.

But don’t despair, we have a list of the best heroes for those who are just starting out in the world of Dota 2. These characters are relatively easy to learn and will allow you to get your first experience of the game without too much difficulty.

Among the easy heroes for beginners, there are several of the most effective heroes, such as: Viper, Dragon Knight, Lich, Lion and Wraith King. They have simple controls and easy mechanics that will allow you to quickly master the gameplay.

In addition, each of these heroes has their own strengths that will help you excel on the battlefield. For example, Viper is a hero with high poison damage, while Lion is a hero with strong mass control.

So, if you are just starting your Journey in Dota 2 and want to quickly get the first experience of the game, then we recommend that you pay attention to these easy heroes. They will help you easily master the gameplay and enjoy the game!

The best heroes for beginners Dota 2: table

Persians for beginners Dota 2

Character Characteristics
Wraith King The easiest carry to manage in Dota. He has two active abilities: summon skeletons and stun. In addition to an impressive health pool, due to the ult, it revives after its first death.
Juggernaut It differs in elementary gameplay: the essence of the strategy when playing as a hero is to farm creeps with an auto attack and kill enemies with an ultimate ability. Its other advantages are a well-animated attack, a serious increase in agility and excellent survivability.
Chaos Knight A strong melee carry with strength as its main stat. It also has a decent amount of health. Having reached level 12 and having collected basic artifacts, you can safely arrange attacks on enemy supports and cows.
Ursa A simple but strong melee carry. Its key stat is a passive ability that stacks upon hit and increases damage.
Zeus A very simple Dota 2 midlaner that has the ability to deal significant damage to the entire enemy team at once. And literally from anywhere in the game map.
Sniper The sniper is notable for simple gameplay: he only needs to farm slots and occasionally take part in a fight. Due to its long-range attack, Sniper allows you to shoot from a completely safe position. Most of the time you will have to shoot with auto-attack, sometimes using one skill and ult.
Bristleback An uncomplicated character with excellent survivability. Moreover, Bristleback is the strongest hero, able to stand up to the entire enemy team on his own. At the same time, the player has only a couple of buttons at his disposal, since Bristle has only two active skills.
Legion Commander Easy to control, but a strong character, who is most often used in the responsible lane. The key feature of this hero is that he has a duel, for the victory of which constant damage is given. The latter can eventually become so powerful that it can destroy the opponent’s throne with just a few blows.
Ogre Magi A very popular, but easy-to-manage support. It has excellent survivability due to simply a huge supply of health.
Leon A very popular Dota support has two powerful controls: stun and hex. In addition, he can burn out mana from several opponent characters at the same time. Lion is pretty easy to play as all of his skills are directional, making it hard to miss using them.

If you are just starting to play Dota 2 and are looking for heroes that will be relatively easy to learn, then we can recommend several optimal options for different positions.

For beginners who want to play as a carry, Wraith King, Sven and Ursa are good choices. They have fairly simple mechanics, which will allow you to quickly get used to the game and start enjoying victories.

If you prefer to play in the support position, then we recommend you to pay attention to such heroes as Undying, Clockwerk, Jakiro, Ogre Magi, Lich and Warlock. They have beginner-friendly mechanics that will allow you to easily control the playing field and help your team in battle.

If you do not know which position to choose, then universal heroes that can play in different positions can help you. For example, from the list of the best heroes for beginners, you can choose Ursa, Wraith King, Zeus, Juggernaut, Legion Commander, Bristleback, Ogre Magi, Lion, Chaos Knight and Sniper. They have a wide range of skills and can be useful in different situations on the battlefield.

In any case, the choice of hero depends on your play style and personal preferences. Feel free to experiment and find your favorite heroes!

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