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The Duolingo application may be blocked in Russia

Today, it became known that the Siberian human rights group “Radetel” asked Roskomnadzor to block the language learning app Duolingo for LGBT* propaganda.

As it usually happens, concerned parents (from Ufa) noticed that the application contains propaganda of non-traditional relationships, as evidence they attached a screenshot from the application (the title picture of the post).

Roskomnadzor has already responded to the requests (statements) and began checking the application Duolingo in search of prohibited content. – This is reported by social networks RKN.

Also Alexander Khinshtein (member of the State Duma on informpolika in the country) expressed his opinion, if the application will be such a mess – then it will definitely be blocked in Russia.

* The Supreme Court recognized the “international public LGBT movement” as an extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

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