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Warzone is still popular even though Warzone 2 is out

Is Warzone still popular? And I’ll tell you something:

Yes, the game is still top 1 on PlayStation this week, and there are other Activision games in the top as well.

The game is down on Steam, but that’s okay, because YOU’RE OFF THE STEAM. And also probably the bulk of the players in

This is all of course a statistic out of thin air, everywhere the game goes with MWII, so we do not know anything, but on the consoles gamers simply more.

Why is it good that Raven took on QB support in Warzone 2.0?

I made a post: and there’s a bunch of experts in the comments explaining how Raven broke the first game. Raven just did what they were told to do and that’s it. They didn’t come up with the idea of doing integration, they didn’t come up with Caldera, even though they designed it. They didn’t come up with the seamless Vanguard weapon integration, which broke everything for a month and a half.

But they did add exclusive perks, they came up with random lap events, a bunch of event events, balloons, gun cabinets, a gas mask on the button, plates that fill an incomplete value.

IW are beauties, they came up with Warzone 1 and Verdansk, but they did almost nothing after that. The weapon patches were slow, the Fixies bugs for months.

I’m high on Warzone 2.0, but we need to balance the guns and bring back the kits. And I think Raven will do all that, and also bring back all the Warzone 1 chips they developed.

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