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Developers Concerned About Declining Player Count in Warzone 2.

Right now, as you know, Warzone and MWII are being criticized, and the player drop is higher than anticipated:

The issue isn’t about Steam metrics, as I’ve explained before, but it’s about the numbers they are seeing. Even though the game is the most popular on Xbox and PlayStation, and the drop was within expectations, they didn’t plan for this.

Charlie Intel has reported this, and they wouldn’t make things up. Other insiders have confirmed it and even mentioned that DMZ turned out to be more popular than they had planned.

I just hope this is a sign that they will address the issues and make the game better.

And I firmly believe that the Warzone developers will fix it. They have already fixed a lot of things, and I think they will continue to do so. They have the expertise. I believe they will also address the issues with shotguns and the movement system.

But what is Infinity Ward doing? What genius thought that removing Shipment was a good idea? I haven’t maxed out my infantry, snipers, and pistols to gold yet, and I need Shipment. I don’t want to play regular multiplayer because there hasn’t been anything new there for a very long time. Adding some new maps shouldn’t be that difficult for them. They have plenty of maps on this engine; just take some from MW19 and change the lighting, so January isn’t so empty.

I’m really looking forward to the second season, and I hope they don’t mess it up; otherwise, I’ll have to tell you about Hogwarts. Legacy.


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