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Valorant’s 8.07 update to add a splash of color to RGX 11z pro set and introduce new radianite icons

The anticipated 8.07 update for Valorant, whose release date remains shrouded in mystery, is set to bring a slew of significant changes to the game. In addition to boosting the abilities of the agent Omen and rectifying persistent bugs, the game’s code has revealed the introduction of new Radianite purchase icons and enhancements to the beloved RGX 11z Pro set.

Renowned data miners have shared that the RGX 11z Pro set, first introduced alongside Episode 3, will be revitalized with new kill banner colors. The addition of red, blue, orange, and light green hues to the game promises to enrich the visual experience and personalize player achievements.

Moreover, Valorant will also welcome new icons for acquiring Radianite points. As a reminder, Radianite serves as the currency for weapon account upgrades, offering new animations, visual and sound effects, and unique enemy finishers.

Advice for Players: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage these updates to enhance your favorite weapon sets and inject diversity into your gameplay.

Although the exact release date of update 8.07 is still up in the air, based on the pattern of updates following PBE testing, it’s reasonable to speculate that the patch could hit the game servers as early as this week.

Expert’s Answer

What is Radianite?

Radianite is a currency in Valorant used for purchasing weapon enhancements, including new animations, visual, and sound effects.

Can the update to kill banner colors impact the gameplay?

While the changes are primarily aesthetic, they can enhance the gaming experience and motivation for victories through more vivid and personalized achievement markers.

How often does Valorant release updates?

The developers aim to update the game every few weeks, introducing tweaks, improvements, and new features to maintain player interest and game balance.

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