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Gorou in Genshin Impact

The character Gorou is in high demand in the game. The new 4-star character Gorou, armed with a bow, will be introduced in patch 2.3. It’s worth noting that players will encounter this character as they progress through the story questline called “Inazuma.” You can obtain Gorou in Genshin Impact by visiting the character event banners in patch 2.3.

As for the character’s abilities, his skills are focused on supporting the party.

  • Main Ability: Breaker Bow – Normal attacks fire up to 4 arrows from a bow, and a fully charged attack deals Geo damage. The Banner strengthens the active character within its area, providing bonuses to defense, interruption resistance, and damage based on the number of Geo characters in the party;
  • Juuga: Forward to Victory! – Gorou deals Geo damage in an area, creating an area of General’s Glory. General’s Glory duplicates the effects and conditions of the Banner and moves along with the active character at that time. Every 1.5 seconds, it creates a Shattering Crystal that deals Geo damage to enemies within its area;
  • It’s important to note that if the Banner was placed on the field at the time of General’s Glory activation, it will be destroyed.

Among Gorou’s passive talents, the following are noteworthy:

  • Finder of Ikasho – A basic talent that marks Inazuman wildlife on the mini-map;
  • Indomitable Will – This is the second phase of ascension, and after activating an elemental skill, the party members’ defense will increase by 25% for 12 seconds;
  • Art of War: Eagle’s Talon – This is the fourth phase of ascension, which helps increase the damage of the elemental skill by 156% of Gorou’s defense, and the damage of Shattering Crystal will also increase by 15.6% based on his defense.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the character?

Gorou is a quite powerful character for supporting Geo element party members. Among his advantages, it’s worth noting that he provides significant defense to the party members, boosts Geo damage, and can attract elemental crystals with decent shielding. He deals excellent damage with Shattering Crystals and is easy to learn. As for weaknesses, he is ineffective for characters without Geo elements, the effectiveness of Geo characters heavily relies on their shields, and Gorou has low base attack and defense. Additionally, Shattering Crystals can only deal damage to a single target. Besides the mentioned points, Gorou seems rather niche and may not fit into all team compositions.

It’s essential to consider the details of his abilities and talents to maximize his potential. To start leveling up Gorou, you’ll need the required materials and components.

  • Hunting Hound: Swift as the Wind! – When characters other than Gorou are within the Banner or General’s Glory area, they can deal Geo damage to enemies, and the cooldown of the character’s Elemental Skill will be reduced by a couple of seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds;
  • Sitting Hound: Steadfast as a Clock! – During General’s Glory, when the active character obtains an elemental crystal, the duration of Glory will be extended by 1 second, up to a maximum of 3 seconds;
  • Tormenting Hound: Fierce as Fire! – This talent helps increase the level of the Elemental Skill by 3, with a maximum level of 15;
  • Lapping Hound: Warm as Water! – During General’s Glory, when strengthening to the second or third level, the active character will be healed for 50% of Gorou’s defense every 1.5 seconds;
  • Striking Hound: Thunderous Force! – This talent helps increase the level of Elemental Burst by 3, with a maximum level of 15;
  • Gallant Hound: Mountain Fidelity! – For 12 seconds after activating an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, the character can deal critical Geo damage to all party members, boosted by 10%, 20%, or 40%, depending on the level.

Regarding talent level-up materials for Gorou, you will need books and materials as shown in the image!

Remember that for each active skill leveled up to level 10, you’ll need a Crown of Insight. As for leveling up the character to the maximum level, you’ll need the materials shown in this image!

Gorou is a support character, and the need for dealing damage is quite debatable. That doesn’t mean he can’t deal damage. Gorou builds can be divided into simple and maximum. In a simple build, the hero can get bonuses to Geo damage, defense, and energy recharge. Besides that, elemental mastery makes the hero sturdier for maximum team support in combat. As for the maximum build, the hero can get bonuses to damage, crit rate, crit damage, and defense. Energy recharge is crucial since the ultimate skill should be available more frequently.

What are the best weapons for Gorou? The complete list:

  • Elegy for the End – 5* Rarity: It deals base damage of 46-608 and restores 12-55% energy. The Parting Refrain is a passive effect that can grant 60-120 elemental mastery. When an elemental skill or burst hits an opponent, it has a 60-120% chance to grant the character a Sigil of Remembrance. Collecting 4 Sigils activates the “Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” for 12 seconds, granting party members 100-120 elemental mastery and 20-40% attack bonus;
  • Favonius Warbow – 4* Rarity: It has a base attack of 44-565 and restores 6.7-30% energy. Critical hits have a 40-80% chance to generate a small amount of elemental particles, which will regenerate 6 energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12-16s;
  • The Stringless – 4* Rarity: It has a base attack of 42-510 and elemental mastery by 36-165. The Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage of the character have a 24-48% increase;
  • Sacrificial Bow – 4* Rarity: It has a base attack of 44-565 and energy recharge by 6.7-30%. Dealing damage with an elemental skill has a 40-80% chance to end its cooldown. Can only occur once every 30-16s;

As for the best artifacts, there are plenty of options. The 5* rarity “Anarchic Gem” set will help allies gain a full set bonus of 35% elemental skill damage when picking up a Geo crystal. The “Beloved Maiden” set, also 5* rarity, can enhance healing. On the other hand, the 5* rarity “Ceremonial Nobility” set can boost ultimate skill damage. After activating the ultimate, it provides a 20% attack bonus to all allies for 12 seconds. Gorou is a character for whom you need to gather parts from different sets while selecting the most suitable stats. The “Anarchic Gem” set will be the most optimal for buffing.

What is the ideal team composition for Gorou?

In essence, Gorou is specialized for Geo characters, particularly those whose skills depend on the defense parameter. It provides a lot of benefits to the team. Gorou can maximize his potential when the team includes a reactor for consistent elemental particle generation. The ideal team composition for Gorou includes:

  • Eula wields a claymore. Gorou is designed to ensure that Eula won’t be lacking in strength. Her power relies on defense, making her benefit greatly from Gorou;
  • Noelle uses a claymore. As a main DPS, this 4* character serves as a decent alternative to Eula in the team;
  • Albedo wields a sword, and his main support build relies heavily on defense, making Gorou an excellent fit;
  • Zhongli uses a polearm, and while he doesn’t necessarily require protection, Gorou can enhance the crit rate of his Comet;
  • Ningguang uses a catalyst. She is a strong DPS and proccer. She is independent of defense, providing Geo damage bonuses and synergizing well with Gorou;
  • Geo Traveler wields a sword and is an excellent support character. They can provide what Gorou needs;
  • Electro Traveler wields a sword and serves as a good battery and electro reactor;
  • Fischl uses a bow and is a strong electro reactor. She is only deployed to set up Oz and deal considerable damage to enemies;
  • Beidou uses a claymore, and her ultimate ability deals significant damage but requires additional cooldown. She can benefit from Gorou’s support;
  • Xingqiu uses a sword. While not heavily reliant on defense, he provides valuable hydro reactions;
  • Xinyan uses a claymore and is a strong pyro reactor. She serves her purpose well;
  • Xiangling uses a polearm and is a potent pyro reactor, making her a valuable addition;
  • Mona uses a catalyst and is considered the best hydro reactor due to her ultimate skill’s damage boost over time;
  • Rosaria wields a polearm, and her crit rate buff can deal significant damage with her ultimate skill.

There are plenty of team composition examples, and your choice should depend on your battle strategy. For instance, a team with Arataki Itto, Gorou, Albedo, and Bennett is a good option, with Itto dealing damage on the field for extended periods.

A team consisting of Itto, Gorou, Ningguang, and Mona can perform well, as Ningguang serves as a proccer and a battery, while Itto recharges his ultimate skill, and Mona provides hydro status and healing.

A team with Noelle, Gorou, Geo Traveler, and Xiangling is considered a solid and versatile team, covering various roles.

If you find that the previous team lacks energy, a team with Noelle, Gorou, Ningguang, and Electro Traveler can help.

How to play Gorou effectively? Useful tips and recommendations

When playing as Gorou, you should focus on consistently supporting his buffs on the battlefield. This means using his Battle Banner while waiting for the cooldown or charging of his ultimate skill, ensuring that you remain within its area of effect. It’s worth noting that the damage from the Battle Banner itself is relatively low and scales with defense. The primary source of damage from Gorou comes from the Crystal Destruction triggered by his ultimate skill. In your team, it’s advisable to have multiple Geo characters, including Gorou. He is specifically designed for Geo-focused teams and may not be as effective when paired with other characters.

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