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Neural Network Art: Will Smith as Neo from The Matrix

A Reddit user shared amazing art created with Midjourney and a neural network. On them you can see Will Smith, who embodies the image of Neo from the cult movie “The Matrix”. The artificial intelligence has done an amazing job of fitting the actor into the image of the main character, but some fans have expressed their doubts.

Gallery Neural Network Art: Will Smith as Neo from The Matrix

“Thank God that didn’t happen! He would have been much better in Men in Black.

I am now sure that I live in the correct reality. Keanu Reeves was the perfect choice for the role.”

The comments were no less interesting, and did not bypass the scandalous conflict between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. At the time, the actor slapped Rock for his prank on his wife, which led to a huge amount of memes.

The neural network also REPLACED Morpheus. According to artificial intelligence, this role should have been played by Val Kilmer, not Laurence Fishburne.

Thus, the neural network demonstrated its capabilities in the field of art and amazed many with its work.

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