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CS 2 update on 10/18/2023

CS2 Night Update: Fixes and Enhancements

Tonight, CS2 has received significant changes aimed at improving the gameplay experience. Here are the key updates:

1. Tick Rate Consideration in Alias Scripts

Alias scripts now meticulously take into account tick rate information, ensuring more precise execution.

2. New Sound for Bomb Timer

A new sound has been added to enhance the last 10 seconds of the bomb timer, intensifying the in-game atmosphere.

3. Additional Agent KSK Voice Lines

Agent KSK now features a wider variety of unique voice lines, giving the character more depth.

4. Knife Sound Effect Improvement

The sound decay distance of the knife has been reduced, adding greater dynamism in gameplay situations.

These and other changes will make the gameplay experience in CS2 even more exciting and immersive!

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20 Juneee 2023 updated once again, adding and fixing some changes, you can read about them above. And you do not forget to follow the updates of the game on our site, as well as the game has: