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Showcase update theHunter: Call of the Wild | Patch Notes: 14/03/2023

Showcase update | Patch Notes

Hello hunters!

We’ve just released the Showcase Update, bringing new features, fixes and improvements to players across all platforms.

Basic moments

Say hello to the free trophy hut!
Proudly display all your trophies from the Leighton Lake and Hirschfelden Preserves in the spacious new trophy hut. Pool table and jacuzzi included! Also, check out our Trophy Cabin dev diary for more behind the scenes information.

Spend less time preparing and more time hunting with Loadouts
Reduce the time between hunts by saving your favorite weapon and equipment configurations in different ways. You can switch between them at any time by going to the nearest stash.

Full patch info


  • Added Apex News feature. Players will now be able to see the latest news as a pop-up in the main menu.
  • Trophy houses can now be renamed!
  • Implemented a keybinding option to enable/disable tooltips highlighting.
  • A sharpness slider has been added to the graphics quality settings.
  • Added a Press & Hold indicator to skip intro cutscenes.
  • Players can now add waypoints while looking through binoculars.
  • The in-game DLC store is now available for players who have purchased the game from the Epic Games Store.
  • The DLC in-game store on PC has an additional screen with information about the DLC.
  • New trophy added: Bison Bonanza!


  • Improved textures and selected models for plaques and plinths in Trophy Boxes.
  • PlayStation players should no longer experience a crash when entering the Storage menu.
  • Adjusted the distance at which animals get scared when they hear gunshots.
  • Updated the reload animation for the lever rifle (Whitlock Model 86 and Coachmate).
  • Mission items in the Codex menu have been categorized.
  • Estimated distance to an animal can now be seen on the targeting widget in the UI.
  • The ranger now has a passive perk that increases the accuracy of the distance estimate shown in the UI.
  • Animal status information is now displayed by default when it is spotted.
  • Nullify is now purchasable as a tier 2 perk.
  • Fixed various issues with character transparency.
  • Developer Notes: Specifically, fixed a bug where the horns were twitching in different directions while the player was moving.


  • We’ve added a few general improvements to the Summoning Hill skill.
  • The zero range of the Crosspoint CB-165 has been increased from 10/30/50m to 20/40/60m.
  • We’ve increased the bleed damage of .22LR truncated bullets to ensure that small birds can be quickly killed, even when injured.
  • In addition, some animal states of mind will now be spectable by all players, not just those who have chosen the Observation skill.
  • Developer Notes: All players will now be able to observe animals in three key states: Calm, Alert, and Fleeing or Aggressive. Those who decide to take the skill “Observation” will be provided with additional information about the condition of the animals. With these changes, we hope to improve the early adopter experience and keep the game balanced and interesting for our existing community!
  • Animals will stop on their way more accurately.

Hunter Power Pack is on sale now!

Featuring three powerful new big game guns and a new exclusive cosmetic pack, the Hunter Power Pack is available now on all platforms!

Tsurugi LRR .338 . An ideal weapon for long-range precision shooting, equipped with a detachable 5-round magazine, it is an excellent choice for hunting big or dangerous game.

Malmer 7mm Magnum . This lightweight rifle is known for its powerful performance and high versatility. No wonder hunters around the world have come to rely on it in the wild.

Olsson Model 23 . Chambered in the popular .308 cartridge with knurled action and carbon fiber stock, this rifle is a great choice for hunting medium and large game.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Dev Diary where we’ll share some of the secrets behind creating and adding new weapons to the game.

Hunter Power Pack Exclusive Cosmetics

Showcase Update | Patch Notes: Hunter Power Pack Out Now!

In addition to impressive new firearms, we’ve added some new options for customizing your favorite weapons. Mix and match new paints, sprays, materials and camouflages only available in the Hunter Power Pack.

But wait… that’s not all!

Introducing the Hirschfelden Cosmetic Pack

Showcase Update | Patch Notes: Hunter Power Pack Out Now!

Expand your styling options with the Hirschfelden Cosmetic Pack! This additional DLC includes brand new weapon paints, sprays, camo and materials, as well as a special premium wrap inspired by the beloved Hirschfelden game reserve.

As always, cosmetic items do not affect gameplay and can be used for all weapons and preserves. More information about cosmetic items and how they work, as well as what some other existing packs contain, can be found in this article.

Happy hunting (in style)!

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