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9 free games for Xbox Game Pass to be released in January-February

Representatives of Microsoft told about new games that will be distributed among users for free this year. So far we know about nine such software products. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Hi-Fi Rush

Available for users. This is a rhythmic action game from the developer who created Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within. In this novelty of the game world, the gamer must fight with robots, and in the background of these battles will play the soundtracks from The Joy Formidable and Prodigy.

2. goldenEye 007

The game is to be released on 27.01.2023. This is a stealth shooter about the famous secret agent 007. The developers have implemented in the gameplay new types of achievements, made support for 4K and the most smooth FPS, as well as divided the display for 4 gamers.

3. Roboquest.

To come out on the 30th of January. The aim of the game is to break through the bots (alone or in a mode for two gamers) to find the mysterious city Haven. Locations in Roboquest are procedurally generated. Gamers will also have to fight powerful, strong bosses as they pass through. The gameplay of the game is futuristic.

4. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

The release date is 31.01. This game belongs to one of the most popular real-time strategies. Now it will be available for gamers on Microsoft consoles.

Thus, the game is not only optimized for the Xbox, but also added by developers additional instructions that allow the immersion in the gameplay will be as comfortable for the gamer.

5. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Also due for release on 01/31. This product brings the anime of Hirohiko Araki to life. The genre is a fighting game. The task of the gamer – to fight for one of the fifty Persian fictional world.

The peculiarity of the product is that even novice players can have fun, making punches and fighting techniques, as the management is implemented here is very simple – with just one button.

6. Inkulinati .

Another game which should be released at the end of this month. Inkulinati is a strategy game that has a unique style enhanced with medieval manuscripts. In it, the gamer will have to fight in duels. What makes this game special is the humor filled battles and well-developed tactical component.

7. Darkest Dungeon

This role-playing game is due for release on Xbox on February second. The gamer in the game will be able to hire, train and then lead his own team of heroes through mazes, forests, crypts and other places.

The peculiarity of the game lies in the gameplay as well as in the characters themselves, because they can be stressed, hungry, even sick.

8. GRID Legends

Also due out on February 2. This race will be available through EA Play. The Legends version has a large set of different vehicles waiting for the gamer – from racing cars to trucks.

9. Hot Wheels Unleashed: GOTY Edition

Estimated release date on Xbox is February 7. This race is the last in the series. Totally dedicated to toy cars. Benefits are quality physics and elaborate mechanics in arcade mode.