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PC games of 2020

Developing games for PC or consoles can take decades, as this process is meticulous and heavily dependent on the level of modern technology. However, the most important thing is to create a high-quality announcement for a new release, and millions of gamers will immediately switch to the “anticipation” mode for the presented project, loving it even before its release. The year 2020 can be a turning point for the industry because this is when the highly anticipated products from global developers are expected to be released – and that’s what this article is about.


PC games of 2020 → photo 5

Still unknown but highly anticipated, this project is from Behaviour Interactive, the creators of the famous online horror game Dead by Daylight. Interestingly, the multiplayer aspect here is also asymmetric, and the gameplay is reminiscent of its predecessor. In the match, 5 players from the “Runners” group participate, and 1 gamer from the “Hunters” category – as you may have already guessed, the latter hunts the group of characters who need to escape from the garden. The killer will have a variety of tools to catch the daredevils trying to hide, and they, in turn, have abilities for defense. The relentless struggle between the predator and its Prey never stops for a minute, and in order to survive, the players will have to demonstrate all possible strategic skills. Stunning graphics, mind-blowing aesthetics, and a great deal of attention from the gaming community – that’s what to expect from this project.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition

PC games of 2020 → photo 6

This game is a remake of the popular 1994 release System Shock, which was positioned in the “science-fiction” genre. The plot raises classic cyberpunk questions and tells the story of the resistance of humans against artificial intelligence. Players take on the role of a brilliant hacker who refuses to accept the Dominance of machines and is capable of thwarting the AI’s plans and hacking the supercomputer. The project is being developed by Night Dive Studios in collaboration with Robb Waters, the artist of the original shooter, which will help preserve the original style and improve the visual execution quality.

The Flower of Knighthood

PC games of 2020 → photo 7

In April 2020, The Flower of Knighthood is expected – an MMORPG from Eaglance Inc studio that will allow you to travel back to the Middle Ages and don the armor of a knight. Despite the well-trodden setting, gamers are eagerly awaiting this project because the creators promise a unique physics system, real historical conditions, and a storyline based on official documentation. In addition, they will present a well-developed PVE and PVP battle system, as well as extensive opportunities for character improvement and customization. The quality of the future game can already be assessed from the presentation video.

Cyberpunk 2077

PC games of 2020 → photo 8

Arguably the most anticipated game of the new decade, Cyberpunk 2077 is an incredibly ambitious project that involves everyone you can think of: popular bloggers, Hollywood stars (Keanu Reeves), top game developers, consultants, graphic designers, and, of course, a dedicated team of sound engineers. The announcement of this project was watched by over 100 million people, and almost everyone has been talking about it. In short, we’re dealing with a classic representative of the “Cyberpunk” genre, where events transport us to the grim city of Night City. The future is here: everyone willing can install cybernetic implants, a single shot from a gun can bring down a whole building, and there’s a massive class struggle on the streets – harsh gaming reality awaits anyone who dares to press the “start” button.

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