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The best anime games for Android 🎮

There are quite a few games for the most popular mobile platforms these days. A large selection of entertainment apps can be found for Android devices. Each owner of a mobile gadget has his own preferences in terms of games. Many users prefer mobile games in anime style. Today, there are various genres of such games, ranging from waifu collecting simulators that play themselves, to projects that can rightly be called real games.

Usually, mobile device owners go to the Google or Apple stores for games. There you can find a large selection of different gaming products that can easily satisfy the taste of even the most fastidious mobile gamer. In particular, there you can find games that will appeal to even a fan of kawaii 2D girls.

In the rating of games, which will be given below, this kind of games as a genre is absent. After all, it is enough to place only one such short story among the best, as a result, you will have to add a dozen more varieties along with it, since this genre is very deep. Further in the selection will be presented 5 of the best anime games that were created for devices on the Android platform.

Azur Lane

Best Anime Games for Android 🎮

There are so many great things to say about this game. In short, Azur Lane is the best harem sultan simulator. In this game, the user is offered an abundance of cute ship girls and more. Thanks to this, this toy becomes an ideal place to collect beautiful and well-voiced pictures. If we talk about the gameplay, then it will not please you with special fascination. But despite this shortcoming, the project has a large fan base.

It is for them that the developers come up with new ship girls. In addition, a wonderful merch is also created. But the quality of the anime adaptation is mediocre. But just because the developers in this game popularize warships, it can be added to any rating of anime games for mobile devices. Azur Lane differs from other products in that it is one of a kind and inimitable.

Illusion Connect

Best Anime Games for Android 🎮

This game is relatively new, however, many fans of anime games on mobile devices for some reason do not notice it and do not install it on their devices. Among the advantages of this project, it can be noted that the game has a very good tactical combat system, and also offers gamers a wide variety of characters. In Illusion Connect, one of the tasks for the player is to create from all the characters that are available, a kind of team for the subsequent performance of various tasks.

If we evaluate this game purely visually, then we note that Illusion Connect has a pretty good look. It has an interesting storyline. However, the fact that this toy has a large number of mechanics and modes is depressing. Therefore, it is quite difficult to quickly understand all their diversity. You need to spend some time learning everything that is available in this game. Some gamers will probably skip the tutorial mode to start playing right away. However, this should not be done. It’s better to spend some time on a tutorial mission. Then it will be easier to understand the essence of the game and in general how everything works in it.

Genshin Impact

Best Anime Games for Android 🎮

There are characters among mobile gamers who are ready to prove to the point of being blue in the face that this particular game is the best among all existing ones. However, there are many people who disagree with them. Of course, against the background of other mobile games, Genshin Impact stands out very well and at the same time looks great in comparison with competitors. The developers managed to achieve this due to the scale and various mechanics. They also did a good job with the characters. They have been carefully crafted. Among the pluses of the game can be attributed to the storyline. Although it is banal, it is pleasant in terms of its visual perception. By launching the game on your mobile device, each gamer will get some pleasure from the time spent in the gameplay.

Genshin Impact has a pretty good harem led by Klee and more recently by Eola. In moments when this toy does not receive any plot updates from developers for a long time, the game process becomes boring. She loses interest. There have been very few updates to this game lately. Just one. If you just now found out about the existence of Genshin Impact, then you should launch it and play it to decide whether you like it or not.

Shadowverse CCG

Best Anime Games for Android 🎮

In the ranking of mobile games for Android, this game could easily be in the first place. However, one circumstance hinders this. Its main disadvantage is balance. With each new release, the maps in the game look worse and worse. As a result, there is no interest in playing Shadowverse CCG. However, it is worth leaving this sad moment of this mobile game for a while. After all, it also has certain advantages. It is a very beautiful toy, which in some places is diluted with gloomy shades.

Another advantage is the variety of maps. The gameplay in this game is dynamic and the storyline is very good. In addition to this, there is a good community even outside the Asian region. Fans of mobile games in the anime genre should definitely get acquainted with this game. She regularly receives content updates, which is another reason to play it.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Best Anime Games for Android 🎮

One of the best Android mobile games these days is Honkai Impact 3rd. Its developer is miHoYo. This is a game mobile gamers love and hate at the same time. If we talk about the advantages of the project, it is necessary to note the beautiful appearance of the characters, which were carefully designed. Also pleases and beautiful setting. In addition to this, dynamic battles and a wide variety of events can be noted.

Why do they hate her? Many gamers in it are annoyed, first of all, by the monetization of this product. If you get sucked into this game and can’t go a day without playing it, then Honkai Impact 3rd will constantly suck money out of you. You will have to spend money on buying a new character and buy suits for him. And without them, on the main screen of Honkai Impact 3rd, your waifu will look gray and featureless.

If you are a beginner mobile gamer who just recently found out about Honkai Impact 3rd, and you do not want to spend real money in the gameplay, but just want to play a good game on your smartphone, then you just need to turn a blind eye to regular donations. After all, despite this shortcoming, the game has many advantages. For example, she pleases with amazing music that the guys from HOYO-MiX create.