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Top Android open world games

Any fan of mobile games would not mind becoming an open world explorer in their favorite game, where there are many different characters, various activities are available, and additionally there are quests. Most often, such gamers prefer to immerse themselves in the game worlds on PC or game consoles. However, times are changing and today the performance of many mobile gadgets has increased significantly. Therefore, you can easily immerse yourself in the game world of your favorite toy using a regular smartphone.

For gamers who love amazing adventures in the gaming world, this rating will present the TOP games for the android mobile platform. All of them have an open world. It should be noted right away that the list contains games, regardless of their rating on other resources.

Therefore, even if someone considers some project interesting and deserving of being included in the list of the best open world games, then it may not be in this collection.

Gangstar Vegas

Top Android Games Open World

This game for the android platform belongs to the action adventure genre. Fans of mobile entertainment are already calling it a clone of GTA Vice City.

If you look closely at the gameplay part of this toy, you can conclude that both products are really very similar to each other. The main difference is that the games of the Gangstar Vegas series were originally created by developers for mobile devices. Therefore, Gameloft studio managed to create a product that is pleasant to operate on touch devices. From this game, even after a few hours, the user does not experience any discomfort.

Plunging into the game world of Gangstar Vegas, the main task that the player faces is to transform into a criminal taking his first steps in the criminal world. His goal is to take among his fellows a higher position in the underworld of Las Vegas. Once on the streets, the hero of the game can do absolutely any thing. You can arrange an attack on government officials or organize a military commotion that will affect all nearby territories. The main storyline of the game includes 80 missions, which are very diverse.

The main character will have to commit murders, arrange car chases, and also make business deals. In general, he should be active. His actions could affect the fate of Las Vegas. In between tasks, the player can explore the world of this game. It has a lot of activities, various mini-games are available. There are also various Easter eggs. This product has a weight of approximately 2.1 GB. This is how much memory space your gadget will need to install the game.


Albion Online

Top Android Games Open World

If you’re looking for a game that you can play alone, while still having the opportunity to explore the open world both in solo missions and in the company of friends, as well as other players you don’t know, then you should pay attention to the game Albion Online.¬†This is a cross-platform product that was created in the MMORPG genre.¬†When creating it, the developers were inspired by the well-known Ultima Online.

This game features a spatial open world, as well as the presence of hardcore PVP mechanics. By participating in this game, the winner receives the entire reward, including equipment, as well as items that the defeated hero had in his storerooms.

Plunging into the game, you need to understand that most of the content in it is active battles with players from the opposite faction. If you are attracted only to PVE in mobile games, then in this case the open world in the game will seem somehow empty and boring to you. But if you look at it from the other side, then the economy of a high level of development, which is directly controlled by the players, can be an exciting affair.

As a result, the Albion Online game will turn for you into something similar to an economic strategy that develops in real time. If we talk about the features of this product, it should be noted that the game has a single server for all available platforms. In addition, it implements a classless system. Characters can be actively developed, for which you should use the achievement system.

This game can be played on android platform. It is already in early access. If you go to the official website of the developer, you can get all the important information about this project. Including system requirements. Also on the site, every mobile gamer can download this game.


Eve Echoes

Top Android Games Open World

If you are not at all impressed with the medieval battles that abound in Albion Online, then you should pay attention to this game. It is a place where many interesting stories await you. Their main participants are entire alliances, consisting of a large number of players who oppose each other, and also create obstacles for rivals to achieve goals.

In the game, you can introduce spies and hire experienced mercenaries with great experience. This toy is created in the MMORPG genre. She is the successor to the traditions of her older sister. However, in this case it is the mobile version. Therefore, you can play it only on smartphones on android. By launching this product on your mobile device, you will be in for an open world that will amaze you with its size. It includes over 8,000 solar systems.

The player just needs to open the star map. In the process of studying it, you can find interesting worlds. In an instant, for a gamer in this game, the banal extraction of resources can turn into a one-way trip. And he will have to go to the end of another galaxy. Already today, mobile gamers have a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of this game.

More recently, the developers have carried out a major update. As a result, new technologies appeared in the game, including a battle pass. The new Nihilus region has also become available. EVE Echoes has a large number of rare resource types. The weight of the game is about 1.5 GB. This is how much memory your device will need to install the product.


Shadows of Kurgansk

Top Android Games Open World

Even just exploring the open world in some games can quickly turn into a dangerous outing. During such a serious Journey, the player will have to calculate all his actions and be very careful. Then the local fauna will not pay attention to you. A similar experience can be easily obtained if you install the horror game Shadow of Kurgansk on your mobile device.

The developers of this product were inspired by the STALKER series of games. The exclusion zone becomes the main setting in this game. The main goal that the player faces is to find the survivors and, together with them, find a way out of this zone. Trying to achieve this goal, the gamer will have to fight with dangerous mutants, and you need to be very careful. Do not wade through dangerous anomalies. To save life, it is better to go around them.


After just a few hours of being in the game world of Shadow of Kurgansk, you will be able to feel the increase in the degree of danger. With each passing hour, the threat from mutants will increase. Therefore, in order not to find your death in the exclusion zone, it is necessary to collect supplies during your journey, as well as hunt local game. It will not be superfluous to build a storage and a shelter. In the latter, you can hide from danger. The game Shadow of Kurgansk is very easy. Its weight is 163 MB.


ARK: Survival Evolved

Top Android Games Open World

This game is a typical representative of online sandboxes, which are distinguished by a voluminous open world, as well as the presence of a large number of representatives of hostile fauna. As in the original game, after launching, the gamer is thrown ashore on a mysterious island. There he must try to survive. He will have to make every effort to find food for himself, create tools that he can use to build a home and solve other problems.

The player must also research technologies. An equally important task is to build his own base, which will allow him to easily withstand weather conditions. On the island, they are particularly severe.

From the original project, the mobile version of the game received the main idea, and besides that, it also acquired optimization. When a gamer starts playing it, he may notice constant FPS problems. This problem occurs even on mobile devices that have high performance. Every gamer can play this game absolutely free.

To do this, just go to Google Play and download it in the store. But in order for the gameplay to be as comfortable as possible, you need to issue a premium subscription. Thanks to her, your experience that you will receive in the game will be multiplied. The player will also have reserved slots on the servers. The game is quite heavy and requires 2.3 GB of free storage space on your mobile device.


Genshin Impact

Top Android Games Open World

Among mobile games for android, this product is the most successful. The game was created in the RPG genre. Mobile gamers who took notice and started playing Genshin Impact were amazed at the beauty of this project. Many were surprised by the possibilities in the game, which, before its appearance in mobile gaming, were not implemented in a competent way. It should be noted that Genshin Impact is not a traditional MMORPG or online sandbox. She is a project created in the genre of single-player action. If desired, here you can team up with other players to achieve your own goals of the game.


The world of Teyvat, which the gamer will have to explore in this game, is filled with a large number of different mysteries, contains unique treasures and a variety of useful resources.¬†Of course, there are also anime girls that the player will have to collect.¬†You need to assemble a full-fledged team from them.¬†And sometimes you can do nothing at all, but just enjoy the unique design that the developers created in this game.¬†All characters in this project are playable and have a spectacular appearance.¬†They have their own history, as well as a certain set of unique skills.¬†However, the gamer’s capabilities are limited by the fact that he cannot choose a character that he likes.

In Genshin Impact, you need to become a lottery participant. There appears a small chance to get the desired heroine. But usually it turns out that you do not get the one you want, but just a random anime girl. Then everything will develop according to a certain scenario. The character you received must be dressed, upgraded. Then you can test it in battle. Along the way, the player will have to open the lottery again with the hope that this time he will be lucky and he will get the heroine he wanted.


The main advantage of Genshin Impact is the striking beauty of the world of Teyvat, created by the developers. The local landscapes present in this game are simply amazing. Many gamers who have already played it have a desire to simply enjoy the view of this world and even capture it. The developers thoughtfully approached the creation of their product, so they implemented in the game the ability to sit on a certain object or use the photo mode function. Although the game is of unsurpassed beauty, it is nevertheless light in weight. It will take 800 MB of memory in your gadget.


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Top Android Games Open World

This game is an updated version of the legendary product in the RPG genre, created back in 1998. Although it ended up in the ranking of open world products, this toy was created even before the term open-world appeared. In the first part, the studio BioWare, which developed this game, was able to create an open world. It is distinguished by its richness.

It has a lot of interesting characters, there are quests. All this splendor is complemented by mysteries. The gamer who decides to explore this game world will have fun. He will be very interested. And besides, it is also useful. During his journey, the player will periodically find himself in dangerous situations where you can easily find a variety of ways to solve the problem he is facing. This is what distinguishes this game from another product РDungeon and Dragons, in the universe of which events unfold.


The features of the original in the mobile game have been fully preserved, and also well adapted to touch control.¬†The product was supplemented with new characters, as well as a chain of quests.¬†In addition, the developers have redesigned the game engine.¬†As a result, the project has been somewhat improved.¬†The errors and bugs that were present in it have been fixed.¬†To play the game as comfortably as possible, the creators recommend that gamers install it on a device that has a screen diagonal of 7 inches or more.¬†The weight of this game is 3.1 GB.¬†Therefore, you will need a serious mobile device to install Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and play it comfortably.


Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

Top Android Games Open World

If you are driven into sadness and boredom by space, do not like fantasy in the style of the Middle Ages, and you are not enthusiastic about cartoon adventures in which only anime heroines are present, then you need to turn your eyes to this game. There is nothing banal in it. Plunging into the game world of Tempest: Pirate Action RPG, you become a real pirate whose task is to conquer the expanses of the ocean.

But there are certain difficulties here: in order to achieve great success in the pirate field, it is necessary to eliminate dangerous opponents that are represented by other players. Also, gamers will have to fight with dangerous creatures that live on the very bottom of the ocean. To cope with the threat in this game world and exclude your own death, you need to think carefully and assemble a team of good pirates, and then find a ship that needs to be equipped properly.

This is only one way to develop a player in Tempest: Pirate Action RPG.¬†But you can start the game not as a pirate, but become a merchant, or simply retrain as a robber or a banal treasure hunter.¬†And it’s best to team up with friends and do it all at the same time.¬†Adventures in the world of pirates will require you to own a mobile device that has 310 MB of free memory space.¬†This is a prerequisite for installing this game on your mobile device.



Top Android Games Open World

The last game in this ranking is a mobile action-adventure project called Oceanhorn. It will especially appeal to mobile gamers who have enjoyed classic The Legend of Zelda titles like Ocarina of Time or The Wind Waker. Although the game world in this game is not large, but it is replete with various puzzles. There are a lot of characters here, as well as a variety of activities.

The main task that the gamer faces in this game is the explorer of the island, as well as looking for ancient artifacts. In addition, you have to solve various puzzles in parallel, as well as fight dangerous opponents. While exploring the map, the hero must learn magic spells. Then he can easily defeat the opponent with his cunning without even using brute physical force.

There is one important point: if you go to the Google Play store, you can easily download a free demo version of this game to your smartphone. But using it, only the first chapter is available to the gamer. To continue your adventure in this game, you need to pay $5.5. For such little money, you can buy the full version of Oceanhorn. In this case, you will have the opportunity to download the full version of this product, which requires 250 MB of memory on your mobile device.